Endless Reelection

Endless Presidential reelection? Yes, that was the proposal by Movement Toward Socialism lawmakers at the constituent assembly gathered in Sucre. The idea is to allow current president Evo Morales to run for reelection as many times as it fits him or his party. The bill was approved by a constituent assembly committee and is to be debated by the whole body over the next coming days. I haven´t seen this innovative system working anywhere these days, save for Libya, or other rulers in the middle east, all of them would hardly fit the notion of western democracy. If Bolivians in the government want this original (?) proposal, why do not make it more universal? Let´s mayors, governors, city councils, etc. run for ever, as many times as they might like. Or make all elective authorities´ terms last, say, 50 years. Two generations. That would spare national coffers the cost of funding elections and will be in line with the idea held by some in the government of Mr. Morales that chewing coca leaves makes one live hundreds of years.


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